Our Big Idea

Independence Blogs Team
 – our second independence referendum – is on the way fellow indy tweeps, and we have a big idea we’d like to share with you. We discovered, much to our cost, in 2014, that the mainstream media was not on our side. It wasn’t balanced, impartial, or fair. In fact it was partial on the side of the Union, manipulative, and – more often than not – openly hostile. Not only were we campaigning for a Yes vote against Better Together, we were up against Britain’s entire media machine.

In spite of this asymmetry we brought London right to the wire. At one point the polls were 50-50. Without the backing of a single daily newspaper or a media outlet we almost won!

Nicola Sturgeon has given us another chance to return to the polls, and this time we are starting off with about half the country supporting a Yes vote. But we still don’t have much in the way of media support. Now we have The National, and papers like the Daily Record have softened their tone – a bit, but IndyRef2 will be another social media revolution.


Alternative media was and is the backbone of the independence movement’s info war, and – really – if you’ll forgive the quote:

“Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”

These incredible pioneers of Scotland’s political blogosphere – this mighty band of wordsmith warriors – have kept the lamps lit. It’s obvious that we will need them every bit as much from now on.

There is a problem though. Some of these blogs – like Bella CaledoniaWeeGingerDug, and Wings Over Scotland – are really well known, well followed, and well read. Others, and many of them are brilliant and written by excellent bloggers, are not. We have to shift from one place to another to find them, and too often some of the best material gets lost in our ever expanding timelines. This will be a real problem. So let’s address that now.

The Idea

We want to put all of these blogs on a single Twitter account. This won’t be stealing the thunder of the bloggers themselves. We will only tweet links to their blogs, naming the authors and the blogs in every tweet. What it will do is make sure as much as possible of what is being written gets seen and read by as many readers as we can reach.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be looking for volunteer curators to help keep the feed up to date and running well – keeping the pro-independence blogs right where people need them, on their social media timelines.

All that we are asking you to do is click on the link below and follow @IndyScotBlogs on Twitter, read the blogs you want to read, and – most importantly – share them so that others can read and share them too.