This Week’s Top Ten Blogs

When we say “this week’s top ten,” what we mean is the top ten since we started the catalogue. That’s more like a fortnight. But, however, here are the ten most shared blog posts* over social media from the beginning of April. Well done to those who made the list, and hopefully this will be something of a go-to guide to what the Yes movement was reading.

1. Craig Murray |
“Media Tory Lies Stripped Bare by Ashcroft Poll”

2. Paul Kavanagh | Wee Ginger Dug
“Vote until you boak”

3. Rev. Stuart Campbell | Wings Over Scotland
“Murdo Fraser Wins a Vote”

4. Jason Michael | Random Public Journal
“When Brexit Goes on Tour”

5. Eric Joyce | From No to Yes
“Education: The Daily Mail lies through misdirection. Must Scottish Labour really do the same?”

6. Dr TrisPriceWilliams | Munguin’s New Republic
“People in Scotland Positive About Angela Merkel and Nicola Sturgeon”

7. Bobby Hainey | Autonomy Scotland
“Hague and Murphy have a fiery discussion about GERS”

8. Simone | Mewsing Out Loud
“Vote Till You Boke – the sequel”

9. Al Harron | A Wilderness of Peace
“The Monstrous Regiments”

10. Thomas Widmann | Arc of Prosperity
“The Benefit of a Transitional Period”


* There’s always and asterisk to these things, isn’t there? Well here it is: Bloggers in the top three or four slots publish much more frequently and have a larger follower base. We recognised that their posts over the period would fill the entire top ten. So we made the decision – and the referee’s decision is final – to include only the most shared post of each blogger. Sorry about that. Also, we didn’t include the corporate blogs Bella Caledonia and The Common Space because they are… well, team efforts.

* Measuring the stats for these blogs is not exactly an exact science. Since we do not have access to the blog analytics of the individual blogs we have been forced to rely of social media shares. Yes, this isn’t fair. We know, but it’s the best we can do. Twitter no longer makes its API available, so posts shared more over Twitter won’t register. In short, we have had to rely solely on Facebook. So we are forced to admit that this list may not in fact show the real situation. It is merely a measure of how popular posts have been over a single social media network. Hint: If you want to scale this ladder – make friends on Facebook. Thanks for Reading.


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